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The Sounds of Silents on Lufthansa flights

To all those who haven't heard about the good news yet:

Since April 1st 2007, THE SOUNDS OF SILENTS a film produced by Manuel Göttsching about the last original silent movie pianist from the '20ies, is shown in the First and Business Class of Lufthansa's inflight programme worldwide. Is there a better gift for Prof. Willy Sommerfeld, who will celebrate his 103rd (!) birthday on the 11th of May, during this screening period?

Highlighted with the likes of BABEL and THE LIVES OF OTHERS, as a "Special Feature" in the onboard magazine, Lufthansa's Media World, THE SOUNDS OF SILENTS was chosen out of 65 other films and videos which are in the April/May programme of the Lufthansa. We are especially proud to receive this honor for the film and its protagonist, since Lufthansa informed us that previously only full length documentaries with nature or science topics were ever used, making THE SOUNDS OF SILENTS the first art house documentary selected for an onboard Lufthansa programme.

For Lufthansa, THE SOUNDS OF SILENTS impressively combines culture and entertainment. With its protagonist Willy Sommerfeld and the numerous excerpts of film classics, such as METROPOLIS and THE LAST LAUGH, the film brings back memories of the golden era of German silent films, in combination with the special concept of the film it is a very attractive offering for the international passengers who appreciate the diverse entertainment programme offered by Lufthansa.

In this regard, director Ilona Ziok confirms: "Wherever I go, audiences are always touched to get to know a "living fossil" of Willy Sommerfeld's status through my film. They cannot believe that he's still playing!"

Planned, is a series of classic silent films to be released on DVD through MG.ART, the label of Manuel Goettsching, himself a renowned composer and musician, who is also the producer of THE SOUNDS OF SILENTS. This is all we can say for the moment, as the rights to those films have still to be cleared. For Goettsching the special attention the film receives is "... a sign that the airline takes quality seriously. It doesn't end with excellent service, but there is also a consciousness for German culture that is supposed to be presented to the passengers in an enjoyable way :-)"

Even in the second year after its first screening, the film is still frequently invited to international festivals - that's why there already exist 13 different language versions, that go well with the worldwide usage of the film planned for the Goethe Institute's worldwide libraries. After being successfully shown in cinemas and on television, the film is now subject to be released on DVD, with some amusing and exciting bonus material - and with more of the unique music by Willy Sommerfeld.

Please recommend this film - to all those who are up in the sky with Lufthansa, but also to all non-flying film fans who should really see THE SOUNDS OF SILENTS! There will be more chances to see the film elsewhere, too - maybe one day also on the sea... we will keep you informed! This encounter with Willy Sommerfeld is not only an entertaining journey to the golden days of silent films and their music, but also the rare chance to meet a real centennial plus original!

The film's website, has a lot to offer, too.

The Sounds of Silence on Lufthansa flights

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