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Wroclaw Live

Manuel Göttsching & Kinga: Wroclaw Live
Press Reviews

(In Polish, will be opened in a new window)
("Teraz Rock", Poland, 2007)

(In French, will be opened in a new window)
("Guts of Darkness", Canada, 2007)

(In French, will be opened in a new window)
(Cosmiccagibi No 61, France, 2007)

»This terrific DVD would serve to enhance not only the die-hard fans of Manuel Gottsching, but to the uninitiated too. From the opening scenes featuring the first track "Sunrain", the DVD evolves into a blissful and heart-vibrant production of Manuel's evocative compositions.
"Saint and Sinner" glides nicely along and blends effortlessly into the seductively ambient "Trunky Groove", a track that will surely become a classic. "Die Mulde/Zerfluss" drifts a meandering soundscape that merges stealthily into "Shuttlecock". This all-time favourite composition, complete with some excellent re-styling, sears and soothes a path through an audionic labyrinth of synthonic swirls and laid-back guitar riffs.
So, combined with Kinga's stunning over-lap and digital visuals, Manuel Göttsching's "Wroclaw - Live", serves as a pinnacle of musical and visual harmony, well to me anyway!«
(Terry Hawke, UK)

(In English, will be opened in a new window)
(Tokafi, Germany, 2007)

(In English, will be opened in a new window)
(, Canada, 2007)

(Announcement in Polish, will be opened in a new window)
(Teraz Rock, Poland, 2007)

(Review in Polish, will be opened in a new window)
(Teraz Rock, Poland, 2007)

(Concert review in Polish, will be opened in a new window)
(Teraz Rock, Poland, 2006)

»There are artists who survive time. Whose works transcend the generations for better paraphrasing the artistic evolution. Manuel Göttsching is one of the kind who makes possible to sail the art between ages, amid the generations to be followed. After DJ Joaquin Joe Clausell, which revisited his music on Joaquin Joe Clausell meets Manuel Göttsching, it is Polish young film maker, Kinga Kielczynska, turn to project the mythical work of German guitarist on screen with images.

Recorded within the Filmfestival Era New Horizons in Wroclaw, Poland in 2006, Wroclaw Live is the fusion of the timeless loops of the MG music to the very eclectic images of Kinga Kielczynska.

If the entry of Sunrain makes us smile, as we see a serene and smiley Manuel Göttsching smiling, making a beauty in a barber shop and sauntering the streets of Poland, the remainder of the DVD is a pure wonder of modern visual art on a timeless music. From the very beginning the accords of the movements with the music is fusion. The small details are respected and strikes imagination. Sunrain prepares the concert secretly. We are seeing a magician who multiplies his sequential loops on his sequencers, whereas the screen is agitate of stroboscopic balls which split time by their visual cascades of a blue acid. We also witness, wit a nude precision, Manuel drawing his notes whereas Kinga Kielczynska presents its frivolous images on double screen.

Very intimate, this concert is held in an alley where only some initiates knew what they will taste.

The comprehension of art is staggering.

We see a Göttsching in great shape, naked of any inhibition, influencing a post punk generation which is watered of minimalism music with triturated emotions, written more than 30 years ago, on images screen of a placidity which marries with wonder Göttsching heavy movements. A strange digest, which forms a modern artistic union on a music that escapes the claws of years. More bleuesy, and definitely more suggestive, Holy & Sinner project a clean Manuel behind the scene, on more conventional, but scleroses visual effects images. The heavy movements of Trunky Groove irradiate the double screens of images in fusion. The movement is slow but nervous and punctuated of eclecticisms sound which stimulate the creativity of the young film writer who moulds time, the arpeggios and the movements of superb video passages. Die Mulde is a strange point of convergence where the music measures visual art with a constant flow of challenge. By far, the most successful point of this strange fusion of arts.

What could reserve us the images of Shuttlecock? Exactly what our times delirious could have projected. A jerky dance, disarticulate on a movement of stammering tetanize. The conception, the setting is as unique as Göttsching music.

We know the music of Göttsching, because it inspired our brains of thousand and one notorious hallucinations. But seeing a younger generation sticking images which impregnate so much of those we projected is rather particular. Wroclaw Live is the point of convergence between visual and auditory art. Beyond that, it is a superb occasion to see Manuel Göttsching in great shape and exposing his music on images which go up time, and this even if the vision is contemporariness.«
(Sylvain from Québec, Canada, 2007)

(In English, will be opened in a new window)
(SynGate , Germany, 2007)

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